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Computer forms can generate quick and inexpensive copies of an original document, so they are popular in the world of business. There are often used for proposals, contracts, invoices, medical and insurance forms, employment applications, and virtually any other document that requires multiple copies.

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Product Information

Our computer forms are made with high quality papers, combined with high-tech printing. Computer forms can be used to enhance business image and encourages quicker response time while maintaining its quality and longevity.

These forms are coated with a layer of microscopic dye capsules and a layer of reactive clay. The back side of the topmost sheet is also coated with a layer of microscopic dye capsules. These tiny capsules break open when pressure is applied by a writing instrument or the mechanical strike of a printer.

Product Specifications

  • N.C.R Computer Forms
  • Woodfree Computer Forms
  • Others
Printing Color
  • Full Colour Printing
  • 9.5' X 11'
  • 9.5' X 11' (2 Up / 3 Up)
  • 15' X 11'
  • Custom Size
Extra Finishing
  • Numbering
  • Hot Stamping
  • Security Design
  • Others

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